8-min. walk from Exit 1 of Yushima Station
(Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)
10- min. walk from Ueno-hirokoji Station
(Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)
10- min. walk from Ueno-okachimachi Station
(Toei Subway Oedo Line)
15- min. walk from Okachimachi Station
(JR Yamanote Line)

There are two ways to enter the National Archives of
Modern Architecture.


A: To view the exhibition only
(open on weekdays only)
Please enter from the main gate of the Yushima Local Common Government Offices. Admission
is free. Visitors are not allowed entry into the Tokyo Metropolitan Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens.

B: To view both the exhibition and Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens and The National Archives of Modern Architecture may be entered from the Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens. (By appointment, Admission fee 400 yen)
Appointment from HERE.
Entry procedures may subject to change. Please check the website for the latest information.