Section 5

Designs in Information Society and High Economic Growth

“Designs in Information Society and Osaka Expo” focuses on how Tange envisaged new urban cityscape as the Japanese economy entered the high-growth period. Since before the war, overconcentration of population in Tokyo was already a massive social issue. During the high-growth era, the problem of excessive concentration in Tokyo area further deteriorated. Tange responded by presenting Tokyo Plan 1960, in which he appealed for the necessity to replace the concentric urban model centering Tokyo Station with a linear urban model. Furthermore, the architect envisioned the transformation of Japanese society from industrial-centric to information-centric by producing a series of three-dimensional urban architectures. This section showcases a national land development map and a model of Yamanashi Cultural Hall.

  • 5-1.
    Redevelopment Project of Shizuoka City Center A Letter to Tange Kenzo from Isozaki Arata

    Letter from Isozaki Arata to Tange | December 11, 1959 | Private Collection

  • 5-2.
    Project for a Community of 25,000 People at Boston Bay

    Section A-A | − | Private Collection

  • 5-3.
    A Plan for Tokyo 1960

    A Plan for Tokyo 1960 – Toward a Structural Organization | 1961 | Private Collection

  • 5-4.
    Dentsu Headquarters Building

    Measurement of Young’s modulus using prototype acrylic | − | Kawaguchi Laboratory, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo

  • 5-5.
    Yamanashi Press and Broadcasting Center

    Model for Yamanashi Press and Broadcasting Center | − | Yamanashi Press and Broadcasting Center

  • 5-6.
    Tokaido Megalopolis

    Vision of the future for cities: a systematic approach to the environment | 21seiki no nihon: sono kokudo to kokuminseikatsu no miraizou [21st Century Japan, A Vision of the Future on the National Land and Living],Shinkenchikusha, 1971

  • 5-7.
    Regional Structure of Japanese Archipelago —Atlas

    Flow of Marine Freight | Nihonrettou no chiikikouzou zushu [Regional Structure of Japanese Archipelago (Atlas)], Japan Center for Area Development Research, 1967

  • 5-8.
    Osaka World Exposition / Masterplan for the Core Facility

    Third proposal for the venue basic plan | Shinkenchiku December 1966, Shinkenchikusha

  • 5-9.
    Osaka World Exposition / Tower of the Sun

    Tower of the Sun: arm component shape and framework diagrams, cross-sectional list | March 5, 1969 | Kawaguchi Laboratory, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo

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